COVID-19 Update


St Demetrios Back to Church Plan

Your health is goal #1!  St. Demetrios  is taking the precautions below to help keep our community safe during this COVID 19 pandemic.  We strongly encourage individuals who are older, immunocompromised or living with someone who is older or immunocompromised to continue engaging in our worship services and community events online.  All parishioners are respectfully requested to take these measures seriously.


Back to church…

  • Healthy - Each parishioner certifies that he/she is healthy!
  • Symptomatic - The parishioner nor anyone in their household may be COVID 19 symptomatic.
  • Masks – Masks are encouraged, however, they are not required.
  • Sanitizer - Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering the worship service.
  • Social Distancing - Adhere to social distancing 6’ Social Distancing to the greatest extent possible.
  • Hygiene - Personal Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette…
    • o Sanitize your hands regularly
    • o Protect your cough or sneeze in your sleeve, tissue or similar


Service Plan…

  • Facebook LIVE – If you are not comfortable with returning to church yet, you are encouraged to continue participating by watching our Liturgy on Facebook LIVE .
  • Social Distancing – We will be holding services in the community center so that chairs can be organized for families and individuals with social distancing.
  • Ushering – Parish Council will usher parishioners into the “nave” to spread parishioners out as much as possible. Please understand that we are doing this to protect everyone so be flexible with this direction.
  • Holy Communion – Parish Council will usher parishioners for Holy Communion. While in line, please maintain 6’ of space and be patient. Please Cross your arms across chest and open your mouth wide. The Priest will wear face mask at the distribution of Holy Communion.  
  • Tray – Instead of passing the offering tray, a donation box will be available for you to make your contribution upon entering the church.
  • Antidoron – No antidoron will be distributed at Holy Comunion nor the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy. Parish Council will usher you all to the nearest exit and you are encouraged to return to your vehicles immediately.  Please refrain from congragating. 
  • Fellowship Hour – For the time being, we will not be gathering for coffee hour after the worship service. We will continue to schedule a Virtual Coffee Hour each Sunday, following our live service. 

Subject to change as needed