Sacred Role of the God Parent

Through Holy Tradition, each person from our community is invited to become

a Godparent and guardian of the Church by pledging to its Consecration!


Through the Holy Sacrament of Baptism, it is our Godparent who affirms our pledge to Christ, witnesses our putting on of Christ, and walks with us as we

adhere to the teachings and sacramental life in the Holy Spirit, guiding us on our

journey toward salvation.

The sacred role of the Godparent is to be our sponsor, intercessor, and guardian in the Faith. We are baptized only once in our lifetime. The heavens open, and we are born from Above. We are called to be sanctified as the Temple of the Holy Spirit, as His Church Temple is Consecrated and made holy unto God. We are called to reaffirm our commitment to Christ, pledge our heartfelt support and be sanctified as those who “love the beauty of His house.”

Similarly, in the sacred Service of Consecration, a Church building and the land

upon which it rests, is consecrated only once, in its entire history. We are blessed

to be THE generation from the history of our Church, to witness to and

participate in this holy event as Godparents! And all together we will ask God to “preserve the fullness of His Church.”

As members of St. Demetrios, the fullness of the Church is manifested through the expansion of a vibrant spiritual life, the creation of ministries that are responsive to the needs of the faithful, and programs that enrich the mind, body, and soul. We invite you to participate in this once in a lifetime holy event of our community.

We invite each and every one of our faithful members and friends to be a Godparent of St. Demetrios by consecrating ourselves and one another and our whole life unto Christ our God, through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Together, we will walk towards Holy Consecration, following the Saints, and His Eminence around a perimeter that will forever receive God’s holy love. We invite you to participate in the special ceremony by becoming a Godparent of Saint Demetrios. The funds donated for consecration are dedicated to the expenses of the Holy Consecration as well as the necessary parish improvements.

Join us today as a Saint Demetrios Godparent, to help us honor God and Saint Demetrios’ forefathers as we build upon the foundation that Christ built for the many generation to come.